about Deborah

Deborah Zaggia


Deborah Zaggia is an italian freelance landscape architect. She has a passion for horticulture and design and uses her own life experiences for inspiration. Creative by nature, Deborah loves to travel, discover new gardens and be connected to the natural world. Some of her earliest childhood memories are of being outside, playing and making natural observations.

Her enthusiasm for plants, art, good design and the desire to work in harmony with the natural landscape and wildlife is reflected throughout her life.

Deborah graduated in Landscape and Sustainability at IUAV University of Venice. With the thinking process of an Architect, she loves to imagine outdoor spaces and connect each garden design to its natural landscape and surrounding architecture as well as to the people who are going to enjoy it.

Within the last years she has carried out various job experiences in different European countries and all over the world that put her in touch with different people, ideas, mindsets.

Now she collaborates on the design of private gardens, terraces, installations, outdoor designs, concepts for an established design business based in Bologna.

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