the Art of Kokedama

My new houseplant obsession is called Kokedama, simply translated as “moss ball” ( koke= moss, dama= ball) and also called poor man’s bonsai. Pothos, ferns, peace lily, philodendron, herbs.. a variety of houseplants popping up here and there, encompassed in moss balls.
Kokedama 01
                                                                                     Asparagus setaceus

Recommended plants for a natural, simple, imperfect moss ball

Choose the right plant. The best plants for Kokedama do well in bright, indirect indoor sunlight. Here is a list of recommended plants:

Platycerium spp.

Asplenium nidus L.

Phlebodium aureum 

Pellaea rotundifolia

Davallia Tyermannii

Asparagus plumosus

Ficus pumila

Hedera helix


Kokedama_how to make it_01Kokedama_how to make it_02

Kokedama 02
Asparagus densiflorus


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